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Commercial & Residential Construction Services

When you’re ready for a superior remodeling or renovating experience, contact DGP Innovations in California. Since 2000, we’ve provided exemplary home and commercial remodeling and renovation projects. Owner Dean Poshard and his family bring your dreams to life. You can trust our building contractors from design to inspection with your biggest projects. We can do it all, from kitchen remodels and basement conversions to new roofs and bathroom renovations. Contact us for a consultation.

DGP Innovations General Contracting Services

DGP Innovations has a wide range of residential and commercial renovation and remodeling services, including:

General Contracting
Building Development
Building Design
New Construction

Remodeling Styles and Designs

Our DGP Innovations’ design team knows the latest and greatest styles and designs for your remodeling and renovation projects. We’ll customize your home or office to meet your exact needs. We know remodel styles constantly evolve, from open floor plans to stunning views. Whether you want a modern or classic style, we will work with you to ensure our services meet your standards. Our home renovation contractors bring your dreams to life!

Why Choose DGP Innovations?

DGP Innovations provides an all-encompassing set of whole house remodeling services customized to your needs at an affordable cost. Whether you need a few shingles repaired or a new building constructed from scratch, we operate with exceptional craftsmanship in every step. We’ll discuss design details before beginning to ensure everyone is on the same page. We work hard to keep our prices competitive because we don’t want to skimp on the quality of your renovation services. We’re proud of our decades of service and customer satisfaction.

Contact DGP Innovations Today

Let us get started on your dream project. We specialize in remodeling and renovation solutions that fit your needs and your vision. Our experienced team of home remodeling contractors has seen and built it all. We’re ready to take on your new adventure! When you’re ready to upgrade your home or office, contact us!

DGP Innovations Does It All and Does It Well